Liljana Mead Martin

        Negative [Space] Interface
        Stone Witness
        Night Blooming Cereus
        Inside the Day was Night
        Work Sets
        Pallas of Crushed Shells


Liljana Mead Martin is a visual artist based in NYC, working in sculpture. Her artwork explores the material ecologies of extraction, cultivation and deep time. Martin’s research is focused on the ways people grow sensitivity and resilience within dark ecologies and toxic habitats.

In recent work Martin considers the reciprocity between bodies and land, both natural and constructed. Materials gathered in the studio for sculpture are often recycled and repurposed to form an alchemy between the body and environmental conditions.

Born in Nova Scotia and raised between North America, Australia and Europe. Martin’s parents were students of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The surrounding community of writers, artists and teachers whom she grew up with had a profound impact and these early influences heightened questions pertaining to impermanence, phenomenology and exchanges with the natural world.

Martin’s work has been exhibited at The Klondike Institute for Arts and Culture (Dawson City Yukon Territory), Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island ON), Dynamo Arts Association (Vancouver), CSA Space (Vancouver), Nanaimo Art Gallery (Vancouver Island), and BIOMASS (worldwide). Martin’s solo exhibition Geophilia opened with Wil Aballe Art Projects, in Spring 2021.