Liljana Mead Martin is a visual artist living and working on unceded Coast Salish territories, Vancouver. Her work explores the intimate connections between body, ecology and the built environment to surface deep rooted ideas driving the production of space in contemporary life. Her practice traces overlap between the body, surrounding architecture and local urban ecologies through choreographed movement, sculpture, photography and drawing. In recent work she envisages how the composites of a transitory site might be embodied, impressed, drawn and materialized over time.

Liljana designed and founded The Reading Studio, a sustainably sourced off-grid mobile art studio in Reading, Vermont. She is co-founder of Hyphenated Sites, a temporary exhibition platform set inside a shipping container in Vancouver (’16). Martin’s work has been exhibited at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff AB), The Klondike Institute for Arts and Culture (Dawson City YT) and Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island ON) the Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax NS) the Charles H. Scott Gallery (Vancouver), Dynamo Arts Association (Vancouver) and the Nanaimo Art Gallery (Vancouver Island).

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