Inwards Outwards Sideways Almost


In collaboration with Montreal based artist Pascale Théorêt-Groulx, Inwards Outwards Sideways Almost (IOSA) is a video series which connects embodied questions of support and constraint with public infrastructure. The architectural and industrial settings are used to explore possibilities for experimental movement beyond the intended utility of the sites.

Through multiple short videos Inwards Outwards Sideways, Almost, shows a precarious negotiation between choreography and improvisation, where the artist moves towards an impossible outcome, resulting in adjustments and compensations which nearly achieve the desired result. Within pre-set terms, such as “the body can (a) but cannot (b)," the architectural settings for each performance become both hinderance and support for the various restrictions or goals of the performer. The impossible terms set for the performances strive for a goal beyond stability touching on subjects of urban survival, coadified space, and performativity of the self. 

Below: Stills from Inwards Outwards Sideways, Almost. 2016 

© Liljana Mead Martin 2019