Liljana Mead Martin

        Deep Thirst BioOrchestra
        Negative [Space] Interface
        Stone Witness
        Night Blooming Cereus
        Inside the Day was Night
        Work Sets
        Pallas of Crushed Shells



Work Sets
Felt fabric silhouttes, short choreographies. 2017 - 2018

Work Sets is a collaborative textile-based project with Caitlin Chaisson that looks at the hidden labour of social connectedness and the ways in which affect informs and shapes those relationships. Focusing on haptic and sensorial investigations, the artists perform gestures and postures towards one another that reflect on our capacity to register feeling in a number of spaces. The work takes felt as both a material and metaphorical concern, allowing artists and participants to explore the intervening space between people, objects, and sites.

Felt is a unique material in that it is a nonwoven textile. Fibres are sprailed and coiled together chaotically through applications of heat, moisture, and pressure. Felt does not adhere to a grid or a mesh, but rather, its tensile strength is the result of a dense entanglement of strands that gets stronger the more it is pulled, worked, and agitated. The photographs present ideas of situational entanglement and the spiraling together of bodies, picturing the artists wrapped, conjoined, and twisted into the material. Work Sets documents the soft coverings that exist between people and spaces, using felt as a way to think about the entangled nature of these connections.

Work Sets. Felt silhouttes, short choreographies. Documented by Denis Ogrinc. 2017 - 2018