Work Sets II


Work Sets is a collaborative textile-based project with Caitlin Chaisson that looks at the hidden labour of social connectedness, and the ways in which affect informs and shapes those relationships. Focusing on haptic and sensorial investigations, we perform gestures and postures towards one another that reflect on our capacity to register feeling in a number of spaces. The work takes felt as both a material and metaphorical concern, allowing us to explore the intervening space between people, objects, and sites. The photographs present ideas of situational entanglement and the spiralling together of bodies that are wrapped, conjoined, and twisted into the material. Work Sets documents the soft coverings that exist between people and spaces, using felt as a way to think about the entangled nature of these connections. Photographed by Denis Ogrinc.

Work Sets II. Felt silhouttes, short choreographies, photo documentation. 2017 - 2018

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